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Team Boost

The Boost Marketing team is comprised of All-Canadian talent. Members are selected for extraordinary skills in their specialty. Here at Boost we value skill mastery over the jack of all trades mentality. You will be assigned a designated team comprised of the appropriate specialists to help you achieve your unique business goals.   

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Ryan Choueiri
Founding President

Ryan Choueiri is a seasoned marketing executive with over a decade of experience in the industry. As the President of Boost Marketing, Ryan is responsible for developing and implementing strategic marketing initiatives, driving revenue growth, and overseeing teams of marketing professionals.

Throughout his career, Ryan has demonstrated a strong track record of delivering results and identifying new business opportunities. He has a deep understanding of consumer behavior and a passion for creating innovative marketing campaigns that resonate with audiences.

Ryan holds a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Psychology from Carleton University, where he graduated with distinction. He has applied his understanding of human behavior to his marketing work, enabling him to create campaigns that connect with consumers on a deeper level.

Ryan is a natural collaborator and has a proven track record of developing and maintaining strong partnerships with clients, colleagues, and industry professionals. He is known for his strategic thinking, creative approach, and ability to translate complex ideas into compelling marketing campaigns.

In addition to his professional achievements, Ryan is actively involved in his local community and works alongside several charitable organizations. He is committed to giving back to the environment and is passionate about promoting education and mental health awareness.

Outside of work, Ryan enjoys spending time with his family, playing sports, and traveling to new destinations!



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Boost Marketing serves over 50 clients in Canada & The U.S.A. Learn how you can achieve 1 lead per day for your business to accelerate company growth. We strike to earn you a positive return on marketing investment. 

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