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Web Design Grant

Boost Marketing Inc. in Canada & The U.S.A

Get Up To $2,400 Off Your Website

You could be eligible to receive a free 8-10 page website.

Boost Marketing is a verified web design provider and can help your business secure a web design grant! There are various Canadian programs to choose from. Our team can provide consultation services to help you put forward an application to get the full grant. 

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Custom, highly functional websites with advanced E-Commerce and anti-spam filtering. 

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Digital Adoption Grant FAQs

Check details below to see if you qualify.

  • Eligibility Requirements

    You can get funding through CDAP if your business:
    is a for-profit business (including for-profit social enterprises and co-operatives)
    is registered or incorporated
    is consumer-facing (sells goods and services directly to end consumers)
    has at least one employee (other than the owner) OR had at least $30,000 in annual revenue in the most recent tax year 
    commits to maintaining a digital adoption strategy for six months
    agrees to participate in follow-up surveys, share data about the experience, and have its name published as a grant recipient

    Your business is not eligible if it is:
    a corporate chain, franchise or registered charity
    a representative of a multi-level marketing company
    a brokerage firm, such as real estate agents, investment advisors, insurance agents, etc.
    a business that is engaged in online reselling or drop-shipping reliant on third-party suppliers
    a wholesale or distribution business and manufacturer (unless you sell directly to consumers)

  • Application Process
    You can apply in 4 easy steps!
    Step 1: Create your account.
    Step 2: Confirm your eligibility.
    Step 3: Work with a digital advisor from Boost Marketing to develop your digital adoption plan.
    Step 4: Submit your digital adoption plan to receive your grant payment.
  • What Costs Are Covered?
    How can you use your grant?
    - To develop a new e-commerce website or add functionality to your existing site (e.g. online reservation/booking tools, online ordering systems, electronic payments)Redesign of an existing site is not eligible
    - To install an e-commerce platform (including subscription fees/costs)
    - To hire a consultant to help with digital marketing strategies for your e-commerce store that could include activities such as website search optimization and social media advertising.Your grant cannot be used solely for search engine marketing or social media advertising; such uses must be tied to an overall e-commerce implementation plan and not a standalone item
    - To track and manage inventory and sales, market to customers, offer discounts, maintain a loyalty program, or increase cyber security using e-commerce software
    - To pay up to 20% of the total cost of hardware and software
    Eligible costs must be directly tied to the sale of goods and services online.
  • What Costs Are NOT Covered?
    Ineligible Costs?
    - Internet connectivity
    - Shipping of goods purchased through the e-commerce platform
    - Purchases made prior to grant approval
    - Renewal of digital services such as domain names or software subscriptions (including existing e-commerce subscriptions)
    - Signage and printing
    - Logo redesign and rebranding
    - Owner's salary or current employee salary for executing the project
    - Purchase of land, buildings or vehicles
    - Intangible assets such as goodwill, whether capitalized or expensed
    - Depreciation or amortization expenses
    - Interest on invested capital, bonds or debentures
    - Bond discount
    - Monthly mortgage, loan and/or rent payments
    - Refinancing of an existing debt
    - Losses on investments, bad debts and any other debts
    - Fines or penalties
    - Litigation
    - Fees for administrators, including payments to any member or officer of the business’s board of directors
    - Opportunity costs
    - Hospitality and entertainment costs
    - Franchise fees and/or franchise license costs
    - Lobbyist fees
    - New capital expenditures
    - Consulting fees for submission of CDAP application or any costs not related to the acquisition or set-up of technology solutions

Benefits of Building with Boost Marketing

The Boost Marketing website and network is forward thinking, sites are custom and not built using WordPress templates:

Custom Design Solutions

Your business is unique, that is why Boost Marketing does not use cookie cutter WordPress templates. Take pride in a website that is built specifically to suite your goals and vision. 

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Reliable Build Timelines

Our team sets clear guidelines and expectations before sending our estimates. We have a proven track record of meeting expectations and delivering projects on time. 

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Fast Responsive Websites

Website speed and responsiveness can be the difference between a conversion and a departing visitor. Often times a website is the first point of contact for potential new clients, ensure it is a smooth experience. 

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Designed for Marketing

We are focused on generating revenue and positive marketing ROI for your business. Boost Websites are designed to convert, grow and scale. 

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AAA Spam Protection

Boost Marketing websites and hosting plans are completely custom meaning that they are not susceptible to many popular bot systems which barrage and breach most other common provider sites.

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Stable & Secure Hosting

Enjoy stable hosting that is always fast and secure. Keep customer information and e-commerce transactions safe at all times.

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Get A $15,000 Consultation Grant

Business analysis, strategy and development.

Boost Marketing takes time to learn your company’s needs and wants, as well as popular products and services. Our team strives to develop a deep brand understanding, and from there selects the most suitable digital platform(s), tools and systems. We provide detailed reports and advice to increase your businesses digital efficiency.

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Boost Marketing Inc. in Canada & The U.S.A

Powerful & Secure Hosting Services

Constant updates & intelligent support.

Boost Marketing provides cost efficient hosting with a wide variety of services and support bundled into one convenient package. Hosting includes SSL Security, site-map, software updates, formatting updates, and responsiveness checks. Ability to extract CSV lead forms, internal website analytics, and a custom easy-to-navigate back-end.

Boost Marketing Inc. in Canada & The U.S.A

Highly Responsive Web Pages

Seamless navigation on any device.

More and more users browse on their cellphone or tablet as their primary device. Having a website that is only friendly on desktop simply does not cut it. Our team strives to create sites that look and feel great on any device so you never lose a potential client to compatibility issues.

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Web Design & Development

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Accreditations & Certifications

We're proud to be accredited by the following organizations:

Our Clients Get Results.

Boost Marketing serves over 50 clients in Canada & The U.S.A. Learn how you can achieve 1 lead per day for your business to accelerate company growth. We strike to earn you a positive return on marketing investment. 

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