Design with Purpose

Receive professional design trusted by some of Ottawa’s top companies. Build more complete and powerful marketing strategies by utilizing forward thinking illustrations.

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Boost Marketing

Achieve New Milestones

Enhance sound targeting with stunning graphics.

The front-end is just as critical as the back-end. Boost Marketing possesses expertise in both areas maximizing the chances for successful campaigns that assist in helping your company reach or surpass past targets and milestones. Benefit from visuals that engage and convert.


Our Graphic Design Process

  1. 1

    Goal Setting

    Our artwork is designed with purpose. Together we will go over the strategy, intention, and goals of the graphics, as well as whom the graphics will be targeting and on which platform. This allows our team to craft illustrations built to achieve concrete goals.

  2. 2

    Creative Brain Storm

    Design should be fun, creative, and free. Take part in a relaxed process where ideas flow freely. Help conceptualize a preliminary concept and allow our designers to take it to the next level with proven award winning craftsmanship.

  3. 3


    Utilizing over 8 years of experience to produce elite level artwork that is trusted and utilized by some of Ottawa’s top companies. All designs are created in accordance with brand guidelines and by formally educated designers.

  4. 4

    Review & Launch

    The artwork is reviewed and revised to achieve perfection until you are satisfied with the final product and are ready to launch. The product is then released with industry leading expertise for maximum exposure and effect.

Logo Design

Modern and representative.
Capture the essence of your vision.

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Business Cards

Cards that mean business.
Connect with absolute assurity.

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Craft Any Graphic for Any Platform

Design without limits. Reach your audience anywhere.

Each digital platform or print medium contains its own set of guidelines and best practices that need to be followed precisely in order to properly launch the campaign graphics. Slight deviations from these rules can lead to warped print or penalized digital ads that burn budget for little return in terms of conversions and impressions. Our team possesses years of experience planning and executing large scale corporate projects on tight timelines.


Company Branding

Set the tone with pride.
Stand out and be original.

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Postcard Design

Information delivered through compelling stories.
Keep clients engaged with captivating layouts.

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Award Winning Design

Take advantage of decorated services.

2018 OHBA Awards:
Best Builder Brochure
Best Builder Marketing Campaign
Best Builder Print Advertisement
Best Builder Signage
Best Builder Social Media Advertisement Campaign
Best Builder Video

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