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Boost Marketing is an experienced digital agency serving over 50 companies with a selection of services to support our clients in achieving positive return on marketing investment. We focus on achieving profit enhancing results while widening our client companies reach, increasing brand awareness, and streamlining their digital operations to be more efficient.  

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Boost Marketing Inc. in Canada & The U.S.A

A Convenient Hub of Essential Services

Identify. Solve. Execute. 

Boost Marketing offers comprehensive services in a wide range of fields. Our multi-faceted departments and experts specialize in digital advertising, social media, printed materials, web design, graphic design, photography, and the organization of specialized projects. No challenge is too great for us to overcome.   

Our unified agency has the capability to provide comprehensive services, thus enabling teams to develop systematic and successful campaigns. Over 50 companies currently collaborate with us and reap the benefits of obtaining all their marketing necessities from a single source.

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Boost Marketing Inc. in Canada & The U.S.A

All Canadian Talent

Zero Outsourcing Policy.

All work, coordination, and talent is of Canadian origin. We believe in providing jobs to Canadians who excel in the field of marketing. Our team is a closely knit unit that gathers in-person for meetings and collaboration. We are addressing a common problem in the industry, which is outsourcing work to less qualified individuals for cost-savings. 

What are the benefits? 

  • Qualified Workmanship. 
  • A team that runs on your time zone.
  • Faster more efficient project execution. 
  • A unified team that compliments each others talents.
  • AAA marketing materials and advertising campaigns.
  • Better communication with you and your dedicated marketing team. 

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Boost Marketing Inc. in Canada & The U.S.A

Bettering Our Community

Giving back using our signature Green Marketing Initiative.

Your investment should count for more than just increasing profits. A portion of all new Boost Marketing contracts going forward will go toward bettering our community through the various charitable organizations listed below.  

  • Pollinator Partnership Canada
  • Wildlife Preservation Canada 

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Marketing Specialties

Add to your foundation of online success with our related digital marketing services:

Paid Advertising Management

Run cost efficient ads with precise setup, tracking and maintenance to ensure positive ROI. Advertise on any of the major platforms with partner privileges. 

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Web Design & Development

Enjoy a distinct advantage over your competitors with fully custom and secure anti-spam websites. Our websites are unique to Boost Marketing and are not built using Wordpress! 

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Social Media Management

Be consistent and stand out from the crowd with professional social media graphics, copywriting and posting styles. Our specialists stay ahead of the trend.

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Ecommerce Development

Sell online at the lowest costs on the market. Boost Marketing takes lower cuts than the major providers while providing the same technology with greater customizability.  

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Graphic Design Services

Every element and word should have a distinct purpose to encourage meaningful engagement. We design utilizing brand guidelines, data and overall campaign goals.  

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Company Branding

Bring your vision and idea to life with a combination of competitive research and creative talent. Our team ensures AAA quality branding to set you apart from today's saturated markets.  

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Print Services & Setup

Boost Marketing offers the best print pricing in Ontario. We do everything from top to bottom, which includes Graphic Design, Setup, Print and Delivery. 

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Photography & Videography

Good photography and videography can help take your campaigns and marketing to the next level. Leverage this service to create reels, info videos, on-site photos, professional headshots and more.  

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Email Marketing

Keep clients engaged with strategic e-blasts.
Educate. Promote. Nurture.

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Content Writing

Professional captivating writing.
Blogs. Posts. Sponsored Articles.

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Accreditations & Certifications

We're proud to be accredited by the following organizations:

Our Clients Get Results.

Boost Marketing serves over 50 clients in Canada & The U.S.A. Learn how you can achieve 1 lead per day for your business to accelerate company growth. We strike to earn you a positive return on marketing investment. 

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